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This website is the replacement of our website domain which we had to abandon due to some problems with hosting company.

However the data and format is same as of

We hope our readers will browse this site and get benefit from this site as before.

It is to be mentioned here that we have introduced this website after getting collected lot of very common Questions & Answers from different Islamic sites. The Questions which we have collected, are of very common nature and are questioned by general Muslim community, and also by newly converted Muslims.

We have also tried to answers some critical questions from Non Muslims about Islam and also added stories of Converted Muslims. Also we have added important website links and videos of general interest. We have also added some “Selected Verses” from Quran, related to different important topics of Islam for easy verses search.

Also to let you know different good Islamic Internet sites, I have listed address of different Islamic sites. I greatly appreciate the scholars who are behind these sites and also the people who are managing these sites. Also there is link to BBC Religions for general knowledge of all major religions in brief.

Normally we don’t give answers to questions, but if some very general public interested question is asked, we try to search it on different websites, and if we get its answer, we reply with reference to that website.

We hope that our readers will get benefit of this site. May Allah bless all who view this site, and one who help to upgrade this site. Thanks.




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